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14RX-Economy Ice Cream Cabinet

14RX-Economy Ice Cream Cabinet Belong Ice Cream Cabinet
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【Product Name14RX-Economy Ice Cream Cabinet

【Product Picture

Yellow Style

Red Style

 White Style


 Black Style


【Product Datasheet


External Dimenson (L×W×H)mm



Power (W)

Bottom Layer Temperature(℃)




 6 Tubs/10 plates







 8 Tubs/14 plates





【Product Description

1.Capacity is  6 tubs and 8 tubs or 8 plates, 10 plates and 12 plates. Tubs max. diameter is 20cm nd deepth is about 10~12cm, large space between the tubs. The top layer can be used as display and bottom layer can be used as refrigeration.

2.Options for your choice: (1) White, yellow an red three colors for choice (2)With window (good effects for display), without window (good effects for refrigeration, thermal insulation (temperature can reach-20℃, power saving) and back sliding door (can make full use of the space) three kinds for choice (3) Pattern can be customized based on the required design
3.The plates and tubes can be put in and take out freely, has 7 range temperature for choice
4.Arc-shaped steel plated film glass, strong wind and shock resistance, cold-proof, heat-proof. Perfect thrmal insulation, energy saving. Sliding door with wheel, easy for open and close.

5.The liner structural in 100%  stainless steel 304 material, insulation in polyurethane, guaranteeing minimal dispersion and greatly reduced running costs. Led light inside for product visibility.

6.The support frame structural in 100%  stainless steel 304 material and chassis is national standard galvanized steel. Using high quality caster.

7.Coaming materials is phosphating galvanized plate, capillary is "golden dragon" brand copper pipe. Using famous brand compressor, good effects for refrigeration and stable temperature.

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